Traditional Engravings: Nautical Miniatures

JT537 Sutlej 7x5"

JT526 Westward Ho! 4x6"

JT527 Joseph Cunard 5x6"

JT532 Mayflower 6x5"

JT529 Evening Calm 4x6"

JT530 Beating to Windward 4x6"

JT533 New Bedford Whaler 6x5"

JT536 Constitution 5x6"

JT525 Duncan Dunbar 5x6"

JT531 Santa Maria 6x5"

JT528 Off the Eddystone 4x6"

JT535 Glorious Clipper 5x6"

All images are hand colored restrikes.$55.00 each.
All antique prints are offered subject to prior sale and unframed.